E7 – Perspicuity and Societal Risk

Project E7 augments the predominantly computational focus of TRR 248 by an interdisciplinary interface to societal desiderata. This will be achieved by a tight integration of expertise in law and psychology into the scientific agenda of the transregional collaborative research centre. The research focus is put on the question how systems must be designed, be regulated, and be put to use with respect to perspicuity in order to enable effective human oversight and control for the purpose of mitigating risk. We target run-time and inspection-time use cases to investigate the technical-legal, the technical-psychological, and the legal-psychological perspectives. We aim at interdisciplinary best-practices guidelines for TRR 248 as well as enabling future policy-making regarding perspicuity.

Principal Investigators

Principal Investigator
Saarland University
Principal Investigator
Technische Universität Dresden