May 11th 2021

CPEC Colloquium Series: Markus Langer

In our CPEC Colloquium series, we invite distinguished speakers to share their research on perspicuity and related topics. We’re happy to announce the following talk:

Friday, May 28, 2:15pm: Markus Langer (Saarland University, DE)

An Applied Psychology Perspective on Explainable Artificial Intelligences

This talk presents research at the intersection of applied psychology and artificial intelligence. I will discuss how the implementation of AI-based systems in applied settings (e.g., in managerial or medical decision-making) comes with new challenges and opportunities for research on Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI). Specifically, I will present how I – as a trained Industrial- and Organizational Psychologist – became interested in the topic of XAI and how the use of AI-based systems in applied settings will afford an interdisciplinary, multi-stakeholder perspective on XAI, as well as systematic empirical research to investigate effects and trade-offs associated with the transparency and opacity of AI-based systems.