April 22nd 2022

Young Researchers Colloquium Series: Muhammad Usama Sardar

In our CPEC Young Researchers Colloquium series, we invite young CPEC researchers to present their research to all of CPEC in a short and lightweight talk. We’re happy to announce the following talk:

Friday, April 29, 2:15pm: Muhammad Usama Sardar (Technische Universität Dresden)

An Exciting Journey from Trust to Trustworthiness in Confidential Computing

As CPEC takes security into its focus in the second phase, the proposed talk aims at introducing an emerging and exciting paradigm of confidential computing with our recent work on the formalization of one of the most critical processes, namely remote attestation, stimulating discussions on future research directions, and seeking linkages within CPEC. Considering the multi-disciplinary audience of CPEC and the multi-disciplinary topic (encompassing systems engineering, security, and formal verification), the talk will be lightweight and semi-formal, leaving the technical details for discussion.